Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to find your own sexy asian babe online

Asian women are awesome! I've been to Asia many times, and I am just stunned by how lovely Asian ladies are! I hope to find my own asian babe someday.

Here's some tips for finding the asian babe of your dreams...

Asian babes have long been popular with Western men looking for a 
beautiful loving wife
Asian babes have long been popular with Western men looking for a beautiful loving wife

Where to find a hot asian babe

Traditionally finding an asian wife meant either living or working in Asia for a few years while you found yourself a lovely asian babe. The alternative was to make contact with a lady through a mail order bride business.

Actually I'm not sure I like the "mail order bride" phrase. Asia has seen a huge increase in wealth and Asian ladies looking for a Western husband can in many cases afford to be a lot more choosy these days.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet it has become much easier to make contact with hot asian ladies. There are loads of websites that specialise in finding hot asian babes for Western men. They are normally free to sign up to so you can take a look and see if you like the look of any of the hot babes on the sites.

Alternatively there are a few introduction agencies that help you to find the hot asian babe of your dreams. Most introduction agencies tend to be based in Thailand.

Finally if you know which country you want to find a sexy asian babe of your own from, then try looking for escorted tours that allow you to meet a selection of beautiful ladies from the country you're visiting. This will also help you to give you a flavour of what the country is like, and might be a good choice if you've not travelled overseas much before.

Dating a hot asian babe is a fantastic experience - if you can 
handle the sometimes bewildering cultural differences between West and 
Dating a hot asian babe is a fantastic experience - if you can handle the sometimes bewildering cultural differences between West and East

Asian babes and the countries they come from

The mail order bride business largely started with Thailand, and it still remains the best destination for a Western man looking for a hot asian babe. Thai ladies are known for their good temperment, and happy personalities.

In the last few years there has been a huge increase in the number of Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands. I am one of the lucky few Western men to have travelled to mainland China, and I have to tell you guys the quality of the Chinese babes astounded me! Wow, all of the hot babes working in Beijing airport, from security personnel to shop assistants looked like models! But the best ladies in China are from Sichuan Province. Man I thought I was in Brazil, the ladies were so stunning!

So Chinese ladies are beautiful, that is not in doubt. The problem is that there is a huge language and cultural barrier to get around. If you can find a Chinese lady that can speak or write some English and has some idea of Western cultural values then you're a lucky man indeed.

The Chinese ladies on dating sites also tend to be well educated and many of them have good careers in China, even if wages are just a fraction of what they would earn for equivalent jobs in Western countries.

If you are looking for a filipina babe then remember that many filapinas work overseas in order to support their families back home. It might be easier to find a filipina babe in your own country rather than meeting her online and travelling to the Phillipines to meet for the first time in person.

Finally don't forget other countries like Japan and South Korea. Both are much more Westernised than other asian countries like Thailand or China. On the downside living costs are much higher. Japanese ladies are fantastic, and they are probably the most fashion concious and best dressed ladies on the planet. I like a lady who takes pride in her appearance!

What is an asian babe looking for in a man?

First of all an asian lady (or any lady for that matter) is looking for a man who shows signs of commitment. Asian ladies are marriage orientated, so they want a man who intends to stick around for the long term.

Asian ladies value their families. Many Asians follow confucian philosophy and respecting your elders is a core part of confucian values. If you intend on marrying an Asian lady, you will be expected to help support your lady's family (and maybe extended family), but particularly her parents.

Finally, all asian ladies are invidiual women, so to find out exactly what she's looking for in a man you'll have to ask her! Be aware that Asians generally don't like talking too much about personal matters, so they can be evasive. Take your time, and let your relationship develop at its own pace.

Good luck with your search for your own sexy asian babe!

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