Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maxim Hometown Hotties Finalist Ursula Mayes

After having written Ursula Mayes: Hot Import Nights Spokesmodel followed by Deal or No Deal Model Ursula Mayes, I've decided to write one last hub article on her. As a tribute, I thought it fitting and long overdue to make mention of how she got her start and broke through into the modeling scene through the help of which was a springboard that launched her into the import model scene thus making her a international model who appears in print ads in Korea and Japan where she is the face of El Solutions cosmetics.
You can vote for one of one hundred of Maxim's Hometown Hotties for 2010 by clicking here. Thousands of potential models from all around the continental United States enter and only one hundred are chosen. Finalists ultimately gain notoriety and so go on to have successful modeling careers just like Ursula has.
Maybe this should've been my first hub article on her rather than my last. Oh well. I sure do hope that you enjoy reading and learning about her, as she has obviously caught my attention. Below is my personal collection of the best pictures of Ursula Mayes (in addition to many more pictures as well) with commentary from yours truly.
Please enjoy.

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Bio of Ursula Mayes

Born on August 9th, 1979, at a military base in Seoul, South Korea, Ursula Yvonne Mayes traveled frequently as an army brat. Some of the many places she visited included Puerto Rico and North Carolina until she was finally able to settle with her family in the Washington, DC area where she would consequently spend the rest of her childhood. She would later move on to Fairfax, Virginia. Her mischievous nature could well be attributed to her having five brothers who influenced her in both positive and negative ways (for example, they taught to hot-wire a car). On a positive note, she credits them for her interest in rock music, boxing, motor sports, and martial arts. Her early years saw her in and out of trouble and so so keep herself out of trouble, she would go to work for her aunt who as a photographer; Ursula assisted her by doing hair and make-up behind the camera. Her aunt, while Ursula worked alongside her at her studio, encouraged her begin modeling. Her exotic looks can be credited to her mother, who is Korean and her father who is German/Native American.
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