Thursday, June 10, 2010

showing navel is ok for indian women

In western culture, exposing the midriff is a fashion. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera wore dangeoursly low hip dresses exposing larger area of their front bare. The trend to show off the midriff and navel of female started in 1960s. The style got the boost with the popularity of Madonna, Shania Twain, Christina and Britney.

In some society and culture it not acceptable and in some places it is even banned. But in Indian it absolutely acceptable for females to bare their midriff. Showing navel or midriff is considered graceful. Women in India wear sari or sarees exposing their midriff and navel. women from Gujarat state wear shorten choli with skirts which leaves the midriff naked. These women though cover the heads or face in front of strangers, but then don't try to cover their bellys.

I have come with this hubgallery containing photo set of women with bare midriff.
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