Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sizzling page 3 desi girls 6 cleavage show

My new series Sizzling Page 3 Desi Girls are getting very popular. Sizzling page 3 girls are most frequented hubpages from Indian audiences.
Here are the fun filled photo galleries of girls taken from Page 3 of popular Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada newspapers and spicy gossiping magazines and tabloids.
Partying is cool! That was the trend until recently. Every other person on earth wanted to be seen at one party or the other. And the trend of appearing in Page 3 was rampant across all cities and even towns!
Have you checked Desi in Bikini series?
Web is place where you can find photos of all those partying bellys! These pictures have become most watched photos on the internet. Especially the class of Indians, who are deprived of party culture! They would lay their eyes to any party photo of sexy dressed party girls and women!
I am presenting you in three parts some selected photos of the Party Girls. I hope that you will enjoy those pictures and photos of the party girls. You might be dreaming about joining such parties and cheers with those sexy willing party girls!
Partying is considered COOL! But that was till recently. There is too much partying going on these days. And party is being turning to be uncool. Celebrities are not interested any more in partying – even if they do party, they make sure that their pictures are not clicked and published in page 3! They simply resort to PLEASE PHOTO MAT LO! Tack ticks.
But certain sections of Indian audience still admire Partying Girls and their pictures. Web is a place where you can find all kinds of parties and partying girls. Girls and women are too willing to be photographed and published in the web. Presenting to you here is some of the Parting girls photos which did not find way to Page 3!
Till recently partying and socializing was considered an opportunity to display the designer cloths and taste you are into. But partying days are over. Several celebrities have given up partying. And they don’t want to seen in every party happening in the city!

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