Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tollywood Actress in Bikini 1

The Summer is already set in. April 2009 is here and the weather the growing hotter by the day this summer. And down south India, the Kollywood and Tollywood actresses are adding to the heat as one after the other is appearing in swimwear and bikini.
A sort little hot bikini competition is brewing down south as Nayantara, Priyamani, Anushka, Mumaith Khan and Namitha all trying to out do others in wearing the bikini outfit. Just check out who is Better Bikini Babe in our Tinsel Town. There is small poll alongside. Just pick you choice who looks more sexy in the bikini wear!

Mumaith Khan

In Bikini Contest of Tollywood Heroines, Mumaith Khan is clear winner. She has scored top by wearing two piece black bikini for the upcoming movie PUNNAMI NAGU. PUNNAMI NAGU is out and out Mumaith Khan’s movie. With songs and dances, she has more chances to excel in the movie with sizzling spicy performance. In this movie, she is out there in black bikini showing her fleshy body!
Spicy photo galleries of Mumaith Khan are very popular over the net. Her popularity in Telugu movies increasing as more and more fans joins to admire her spicy photo collection.
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Anushka Shetty

Girl Anushka! Anushka made waves recently with her movie "Arundhati". The movie is big hit across Andhra Pradesh. And in March 2009, the movie was released in Tamil dubbed version. Again it is big hit in Tamilnadu. So successful was her character in the movie that, an apparel company has come up Arundhati Sarees!
This April 2009, much awaited Billa is releasing. It is Telugu movie, remade from Tamil movie of the same name. In this movie she walks tall clad in Bikini. Nayantara did the same in Tamil version. Here are some hot spicy photo collection of Anushka Shetty in Bikini. Also check her other spicy photo hub albums:Click thumbnail to view full-size


Actually it was Nayantara who kick started this war on wearing bikinis in South Indian Movie world. Her famous role in Billa (Tamil version) was much talked because of her bikini walk. Now talks are on for auction of the bikini she wore in Billa. The producers will be very happy to get a good price once they are able to sell the Bikini which Nayantara was wearing the movie Billa. After her bikini role in Billa, she now commends highest price tag in South India.
The same role is now being played by Anushka in Telugu version of Billa which being released this April. And for sure Anushka is wearing similar even more sexier bikini (see it here).
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This chubby is my favorite actoress. Namitha Kapoor has done lot of glamorous roles. She has done bikini role a longtime before. She participated in Miss India 2001 and was ranked 4 along with Celina who won the title that year.
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Priyamani won the prestigious National Film Award for Best Actress for her very first successful lead as Muthazaghu in Tamil movie PARUTHIVEERAN (2007). PARUTHIVEERAN (2007) is a benchmark Tamil film directed by Ameer Sultan. He did the story and screenplay as well. The movie won several other awards.
Now Priyamani is in Bikini in the movie called DRONA. Priyamani bikini images is now available all over the web. Here are some selected 10 images of hot Priyamani in Bikini shots!
Some more of Hot Hub Photo Pages of Priyaman can be cound here. In one, you can see her white panty, as she forget to cross her legs!
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